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Beautiful nails that lasts twice as long as any regular nail polish.

A perfect shine for up to ten days

Nail look by Patrizia Lima 

Japan today is a land of contrasts: in the timeless elegance of traditional Japanese...


Let's start with a new nail art and create the Bikini Style look. 



Summer! Let's start with a new nail art and create the Sea Urchins look. 



Capture the light the wy the sea does: to create the ultimate underwater look add some crushed glass glitters from the...


Several people suffer from contact dermatitis. This skin condition is a rather severe one, since it can really get in the way of your daily routine. Just imagine touching change in the supermarket and...


When sunlight hits the surface of the water, it breaks into a milion little pieces. Under water these rays of light create a colourful show amidst the coral! The...


Summer’s right around the corner! It’s a great moment to focus on your pedicures. Your clients want to wear their most beautiful pair of sandals during summer, no doubt about it. That goes hand in hand with...


Spring is here, time to clean up your salon!


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