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Mani & Pedi Workshop

A manicure is timeless because the result is always simple yet satisfying: Nails in perfect shape, a relaxing hand massage and a correctly polished nail - it seems so simple but it's all in the details.  Just like a cosmetic pedicure. Find out how to take care of your customers' hands & toes for real and discover how to give your clients some time to relax.

Where and when?



To start you'll study all parts of the natural nail. You'll find out what the natural nail is made of and how it is formed. Knowing all about the natural nail will help you to choose the right products for any treatment. Did you know for instance the natural nail is porous? It will be able to absorb water based products but no oils or creams! And did you know that frequent contact with water will weaken the nail?

After that you'll of course learn how to perform a perfect manicure. We'll show you all different steps and the right sequence and you'll also learn to use the right tools. Can I cut nails? Or should I shape them with a file? What are tweezers used for? And how and when do I apply cuticle oil?

Next you'll learn how to polish nails properly. This is what most clients actually think of when they come in for a manicure. They want perfectly polished nails! Last but not least you'll study different nail diseases and common problems, so you can introduce your clients to the right treatment. Can you apply gel nails to fungus nails? How can you treat torn nails or nail ridges?  This workshop will make you a real expert!



  • Learn the anatomy of nails as well as the common nail disseases
  • Learn how to give a luxury anti-age hand & nail treatment?
  • Learn Spa Manicure massage techniques.
  • Learn the art of perfect nail polish application.
  • Learn filing techniques for natural nails.

A top quality manicure – demand perfection of yourself and don’t accept anything less. 



Take care of your feet.  The ProNails Foot Care range has been scientifically developed to help your feet and to give them the care they deserve. During the Pedicure workshop you'll learn all about the products in this range and how to use them. You'll see the most common nail diseases so you can help your clients out when needed. We'll show you the active ingredients in all the Foot Care products so you know what they can do and where they can help.

After this you'll start your practical training. You'll learn the techniques for a basic and a luxury cosmetic pedicure. A fresh fun colour on the toenails is a perfect finish! We can do so using nail polish, gel polish and gel. Don't worry though: we have beautiful colours in all three product lines!

A pedicure feels refreshing and relaxing at the same time!



  • Learn how to carry out a luxury foot and toenail treatment.
  • Learn how to give a relaxing foot and leg massage.
  • Learn the perfect application method for gel polish (Sopolish) on toenails.
  • Discover the full range of ProNails foot care products.

With this course you will be provided with a full Manicure Kit to keep. Reserve your spot by signing in now for the manicure & pedicure workshop! 



Questions about a workshop or getting to know the teachers . We love to spend some time with you to answer all of your questions.